Lori Lightfoot Announces Vaccine Mandate In Chicago

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said Monday that there will be a “strong” COVID-19 vaccine for city workers.

Lightfoot Announces Vaccine Vaccine

“We really need to have the opportunity to be vaccinated. It is for the safety of all those affected, especially the people who communicate with city workers on a daily basis. It’s important for their colleagues to feel like they have a safe working environment, “says Lightfoot, according to Chicago Sun Times.

“City workers also need to be vaccinated,” he added. “We are using this dialogue, which has been going on for a few weeks now with our colleagues representing the workers in the city.”

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This came just hours after the US Food and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Chicago Federation of Labor President Bob Reiter told the Sun Times that “Talks about the COVID-19 vaccine are taking place in the city.”

“Any plan should be communicated to city officials,” he added. “We look forward to continuing the negotiations.”

Police Fire Return

Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara, whose union represents the chief of police in Chicago, has retaliated by saying that vaccination activities should not be allowed.

“We can’t. It’s that simple. “Our members do not want to do anything like this,” Catanzara said.

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Lightfoot was also interviewed by the city’s opinion poll in a support shoot.

“Soon, don’t believe that we will have to represent the largest vaccine sites we have ever seen,” he said. “But a lot of it just depends on the CDC’s final instructions and, obviously, making sure we have support and other resources.”

Lightfoot Requires Unprotected People To Get A Shot

Meanwhile, Lightfoot says its aim is to attract Chicago-free vaccinated people to shoot.

“When we see that more than 97% of people who appear in hospitals and end up in ICU beds or higher – and there have been deaths – are among those who are not vaccinated, we know there is a lot of work to be done,” he said, adding that zips. city ​​code six to eight, “mainly” on the South Side, has a vaccine of “30% or less.”

“If we increase the number of neighbors, and the zip code that is vaccinated, then we can go a long way to see the epidemic in the rear view mirror,” said Lightfoot. “But where we have numbers like that in other zip codes… we have a job to do.… We must continue to push more people who are on the fence, who are not vaccinated, to get vaccinated.”

This piece was written by James Samson on August 24, 2021. It first appeared KhalidAli and is used with permission.

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