Judge Jeanine Torches Biden – Questions Why He Gave ‘Legitimacy To A Terror Organization’

Judge Jeanine Pirro fired President Joe Biden on his Fox News show over the weekend when he questioned why he had given “recognition to a terrorist group.”

Pirro Sounds Off

“Security officials and the president have warned of another possible attack a few days after the suicide bombing that killed 13 American members at the airport,” he said. Pirro said. “The attack is coming as Biden’s management continues to rely on the Taliban to bring our fathers and mothers home safely.”

“And despite the dangers, the President refuses to change the deadline, saying that we will be there by August 31, even if the authorities agree that the Americans remain,” he added.

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“There is no time in American history when I know that the authorities have left the American people, not acknowledging that they are ready to leave the Americans because of the alliances they have made with the terrorist group,” Pirro said.

“Why were the Taliban allowed to monitor the performances of those arriving at the airport? Why were the Taliban given the biometrics of our Afghan counterparts, especially the execution of those who helped America?” He concluded.

Pirro Shots In Biden

This came a week after Pirro denounced the “lack of intelligence” and “failure” of the unrest in Afghanistan.

“Show it this day as the day that the United States of America fell from grace as a world power, because of its powerlessness, incompetence, and dismissal by the so-called general of the military,” Pirro said of him. Fox News show last Saturday. “A fool, a liar, a fool who can’t save the innocent people of America and Afghanistan from the back of the enemy in the war zone we entered 20 years ago.”

“Like American families of those who have lost the back of the enemy, such as Afghans of Afghanistan whose families helped us, and Americans of all races are affected by this problem on TV,” he added. “They encounter government officials who just talk nonsense, or are confused or just lying.”

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‘A Taliban Takes Away’

“Obviously, the Taliban have seized us. They have our weapons, and we can’t even take Americans to the airport,” he said. One day, you will tell us to go to the airport, but you cannot go directly to the airport. The next day, Americans were told to go to the airport only. ”

“Today, he tells us not to go to the airport,” he concluded. “This, even if you promised to do anything to do the job. We cannot guarantee that we will pass through the airport in a third country that we have ruled for 20 years. ”

This piece was written by James Samson on August 31, 2021. It originally appeared KhalidAli and is used with permission.

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