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More than 5,000 alumni and allies attended the MIT Tech Reunions this year, which took place online on June 4-6. There were special reunion classes, and the entire MIT team was invited to watch Tech Night’s online workshop in Pops, learn from the technology on Technology Day, and take a tour.

Symphony Hall at home


Because the annual Tech 123 at Tech Night in Pops took place almost exclusively, there was no limit to the amount of alumni and guests they could go with, and everyone had a front seat. Conducted in the empty Symphony Hall by author Keith Lockhart, the Boston Pops Orchestra hosted a program designed for the event, with the Institute enjoying such as “Come Out All of You MIT” as well as the 50th tribute to Class of 1971 with songs from Three Night Dogs and Carole King. The evening also included classic pieces such as Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto move – featuring soloist William Wang, MIT PhD graduate and music student at MIT’s Emerv Program, for the first time playing with a talented orchestra. Traditionally, the broadcast ended with “Stars and Stripes Forever” and the (almost) collapse of the balloon. During all this time, alumni and visitors lit up the conversation with greetings and memories from around the world:

Stephanie Sharo English ’99, ’01,
SM ’04:

So excited to be able to share Tech Night at Pops with my 3.5 year old son tonight from here in Tucson!

Debbie Zapping ’86:

Hello from Austin, TX! Here as part of the 35th reunion event in 1986. 🙂

Author Jesse Heines ’70:

We’ve seen Pops many times, but we’ve been waiting.

Maris Damage ’56:

I look forward to my first Pops concert since graduation.

Alan Whitney ’66,
SM ’67, PhD ’74:

Alan Whitney, Class of ’66 here (BSEE, MSEE, PhD); as an alumni and a high school graduate, I have played the first violin in the MIT Symphony for all these years.

Noah Lubega ’86:

Greetings from Ugandamy first Pops concert. Dear!

Dalié Jiménez ’01:

Greetings from the street in Southern California! The Best Team of 2001!

Bob Nakata ’81,
SM ’85:

Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii!

Jennifer Dickson ’96:

Greetings from Charleston SC. This is fun. Congratulations to anyone who has made this partnership.

Lucas Camelo Sá ’16:

Alas in Fortaleza, Brazil!

Jim Mannoia ’71:

Our 50th reunion! Who would have thought! Watching the same river and eating my Tech Night gift at Pops popcorn and watching polo at Santa Barbara Polo Club.

Ric Schonblom ’56, SM ’57:

Good to be here. For the first time in “camp” in over 50 years!

Philip Huang ’99:

Hello from Shanghai!

Surekha Vajjhala Trivedi
’96, SM ’99:

Hello friends, 25 more from the 1996 Classroom! I missed seeing all the red jackets on the front!

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