Japan and Taiwan negotiate to end Chinese violence

Changes in Taiwan

The ruling parties in Japan and Taiwan will hold their security talks on Friday as the two countries seek to strengthen their ties with China in a war against China.

In an interview with the Financial Times on Tuesday, Masahisa Sato, a lawmaker who oversees foreign affairs for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, said greater dialogue was needed because The Future of Taiwan could significantly affect Japan’s security and economy.

“This is how we feel that what is happening in Taiwan right now,” Sato said.

Much of the online meeting was revealed when US Vice President Kamala Harris, during a visit to South-East Asia, criticized China for intimidating its neighbors.

“Beijing continues to coerce, intimidate and intimidate many of the South China Sea,” Harris said in Singapore, describing China as “illegal”. “The United States stands by our allies and partners in addressing these threats,” he said.

Masahisa Sato of the LDP called for in-depth talks with Taipei, saying that Taiwan’s future could “seriously affect” Japan’s security and economy. © Sebastián Vivallo Oñate / Agencia Makro / Getty

Negotiations between the party leaders are representative of the ministry negotiations as Japan and Taiwan have no relations. In the future, Sato said, the LDP will want to hold talks with Taiwanese authorities.

The discussion coincides with the beginning of in-depth preparation between the US and Japanese military forces there is a conflict between China and Taiwan. Tokyo is also there related Taiwan’s security is the latest blockbuster product in recent years, cracking down on rivals.

Sato and Taku Otsuka, other LDP security advisers, will discuss online with their ruling Taiwan Progressive Party.

Sato has called for joint training in disaster relief and maritime disasters as a way to strengthen ties with Taiwan, while maintaining a long-standing Tokyo policy of not forming a military alliance with Taipei.

On behalf of the DPP, Lo Chih-cheng, a lawmaker who heads the international department, is Tsai Shih-ying, a member of the foreign security committee.

Taiwanese political leaders have said they are encouraged by Japan’s growing demand for their country.

“The originator of the talks came from Japan,” said one of the planners in Taiwan. He added that Taipei had been considering more talks with Japan, especially on security issues, if necessary, and told Monterey Talks that they were great while the US and Taiwan were talking about self-defense as a template.

“Since all four are members of parliament, it’s like a track one discussion,” he said. “While we will be involved in our party as party leaders, we all have the power to follow principles.”

China warned Japan last week not to disrupt their domestic affairs and urged Tokyo to reconsider its negotiations with Taipei.

“The Chinese side strongly opposes all forms of cooperation between Taiwan and China’s allies,” said Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry.

Additional reports of Mercedes Ruehl in Singapore

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