Israel allows for construction of property in Gaza, reducing its closure after the war

JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel has allowed more than a dozen vehicles to travel to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, undermining the peace that has been dominated by Hamas since the end of the 11-day conflict last May.

The sale came at a critical juncture when Hamas rights activists set up state-of-the-art balloons in Israel, set fires on the border, and staged other violent demonstrations against Israel.

An Israeli soldier who was shot by an opponent on August 21 died of his wounds on Monday. Two Palestinians, including a 12-year-old boy and a Hamas soldier, have also been shot dead in Israel.

Despite the difficulties, Israeli officials this week agreed to introduce weapons to build Gaza’s secret forces in a way that would help address the crisis.

A Bassam Ghabin, director of the Palestine side of the Kerem Shalom cargo crossing, said that 30 truckloads of cement, 120 trucks of gravel and 15 trucks iron were entered Gaza on Tuesday. He said that the situation began on Monday, and the crossing was very similar to the pre-war period.

A Israeli security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the building materials had arrived in Gaza. He did not have details, but said he was sitting under what the government had already announced.

In recent weeks, COGAT, the Israeli security agency that oversees the Palestinian military crisis, has said it plans to allow more goods to Gaza if security is tight. Last week, it said it was “enhancing the importation of goods and services around the world in Gaza.”

Israel, with the help of Egypt, has retained Gaza since Hamas took power in 2007, a year after winning a Palestinian election. Israel has said it is important that Hamas, the Islamic State militant group, has vowed not to rebuild Israel, while critics say the closure is a joint punishment. The closure, which restricts the movement of goods and people in and out of Gaza, has disrupted Gaza’s economy.

Israel and Hamas have fought four wars since 2008, and Israel has set up a blockade since the most recent fighting in May. Thousands of homes were damaged or damaged, and construction materials were in high demand.

Later on Tuesday, Hamas freedom fighters staged another evening rally on Israel’s border to demand closure.

Egyptian diplomats have been trying to provide long-term funding to end the war. But Israel has called for the restoration of the remains of two Israeli soldiers and the release of two Israeli nationals from slavery in Hamas.

Gisha, an Israeli human rights activist who called for the closure of the closure, said Tuesday’s election was “significant and insignificant, largely due to the destruction of Gaza, and the legal and legal obligations of Israel to its citizens.”

“What is happening in Gaza is not just humanitarian problems that can be addressed through a few practical measures,” Gisha said. “Every effort to solve this problem requires a great deal of openness, with the help of politics.”


Shurafa also quoted from Gaza City, Gaza Strip.

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