Ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo Has His Emmy Award Taken Back

Less than 24 hours after he resigned from his disgraceful career as New York ambassador, Andrew Cuomo received some bad news – the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is returning his Emmy award.

The school cited fraud that forced Democrats to resign Monday night as a reason.

He revealed his opinion in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

“The International Academy has announced today that according to a report by the New York Attorney General, as well as Andrew Cuomo’s resignation as ambassador, he is withdrawing his special 2020 Emmy® Award,” he said.

“The name and nominee will be removed from the International Academy for future use,” he concluded.

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Cuomo Opens Her Emmy

Cuomo, who was once a favorite of journalists for abusing the epidemic, was was informed that she was selected to win an Emmy last year.

“Governor’s 111 daily publications worked well because they created a series of television programs, featuring characters, plots, and stories of success and failure,” the school’s president and CEO, Bruce Paisner, said at the time.

“All over the world people have come forward to find out what’s going on, and solid New York has become a symbol of determination to take revenge.”

But ‘Strong New York’ turned out to be a disaster in New York because, despite the fact that journalists were trying to save him like America, the reality showed that he had failed the people of the State.

Especially the elderly.

New York is the second largest in the country due to the death of COVID on 100,000 people and especially saw 15,000 seniors submitting to the epidemic is largely due to the Executive Order issued by Cuomo.

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She did not receive the award when she was interrupted by nursing at home

Surprisingly, the Academy made the decision to award the Cuomo Emmy eight months after issuing a directive that compels hospices to take patients who have been tested for coronavirus.

Last June, NYSBA (New York State Bar Association) Task Force on Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care for sure that corporate governance policies have resulted in “many deaths.”

However it was not enough for the Academy to cancel his Emmy.

Fox News weather writer and author Janice Dean, who lost her mother-in-law to coronavirus in New York, was disgusted by the news that Cuomo had won an Emmy.

“To think that the ambassador sometimes watches the television shows of the dead in New York and give the videos to the Emmy makes me sick,” he said. he said at the time.

While it may seem like a small rebuke to a man who just lost his seat as Governor of New York, losing an Emmy is undoubtedly a big problem for Cuomo.

Besides, he is the same person who paid $ 5.1 million to write a book about his COVID leadership and sold a cartoon sign showing New York’s response, and made a machete to show how he ‘adorned’ the curve.

Dean right now he wrote rejoiced to hear that Cuomo had received an Emmy award.

“The fact that [Cuomo] gEmmy’s ot was later taken away and it was just a good story, ”he wrote.

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