Everyone But Apple Seems To Be Affected By Chip Chip Deficiency

As many of you have heard by now, the world is facing a chip problem. This is because of last year’s epidemic that has forced many countries to suspend all activities, close down factories, and stop production while trying to fight the virus. As a result, this has created a backlash that companies are trying to achieve.

However, it seems that even many other companies are struggling to find chips, if there is one company that seems to be unaffected, it would be Apple. This is according to a report from Wave7 Research which states that Apple is a company that was not significantly affected when it came to chip shortages.

Speaking to PCMag, Jeff Moore, senior at Wave7 said that’s why Apple was able to close their requirements in advance. “Source told Wave7 Research that Apple was able to shut down chipset devices prematurely. This was not the case for some. And OEM. ”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. That being said, Apple CEO Tim Cook last month warned women that chip shortages are occurring around the world it can affect their ability to sell their products, but it is unclear how this might affect them.

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