Biden Left Hundreds Of Americans Behind In Afghanistan

President Joe Biden had earlier promised that the US would “stay” in Afghanistan to every American was transferred.

Monday, Marine Corps General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced that U.S. military personnel stationed at Kabul airport had left.

And hundreds of The American people were left behind.

Those American people now reliance on the Taliban out of this world.

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Gen. McKenzie: ‘We Didn’t Release Anyone We Wanted to Go Out’

This was the end of the withdrawal of troops from the country, even though hundreds of Americans who wanted to leave were probably in Afghanistan.

Gen. McKenzie, A US official at CENTCOM (Central Command) said, “We have not released anyone we want to get out of.”

Biden Promised ‘If There Are Native Americans Left, We Will Be Able To Drive Them All’

In an interview on August 18, President Biden told George Stephanopoulos of ABC News that US troops would evacuate “everyone” from Afghanistan on the last day of their departure, including Americans and those from Afghanistan and their families.

“That’s what we’re doing now, that’s the way we’re going. And I think we’ll get there, “Biden said.

However on Monday, a senior official in the State Department told Fox News that “a minority” of Americans remained in Afghanistan.

Fox News reported, “The leader has put the American population at ‘below 250,’ adding that some Americans have left Afghanistan in recent hours. their Afghan counterparts. ”

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“The end of the eviction came less than a day after the last day the Taliban had agreed, which was 3:29 pm ET Tuesday – 11:59 pm,” Fox News reported.

Fox News added, “The Taliban have said they will allow a safe operation after the US departs, as soon as they seize the airport.”

The KTLA quoted Biden Secretary of State Tony Blinken as saying, “The US will continue to try to deport Americans and Afghan people out of the country, and will work with Afghan counterparts to go to sea or to travel when Kabul airport reopens.”

Last week, White House Jen Psaki he was disappointed for a journalist to say that the American people are lost in Afghanistan.

Fox News’ White House journalist Peter Doocy asked, “Does the president know that most of the accused are not leaving Afghanistan? This is how he ordered the withdrawal of troops before taking the now disturbed Americans. Do they understand?”

“I don’t think it’s fair to say that Americans are wrong,” replied Psaki. “No.”

He added, “We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home, home.”

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