Apple Watch The Life Of A Survivor After A Fall And Hit The Head

The Apple Watch can do more than just show you the time, your smartphone notifications, or make phone calls. It can also save your life, as we have heard in many previous stories, and here is another one we can add to the list.

According to an article from the Boston Globe, Dan Pfau, 70, wrote his Apple Watch app to save their lives. According to Pfau, he is said to have a history of coma. One morning, this is what happened and he fell to the ground when he hit his head and started bleeding profusely. He managed to get up before stumbling and falling.

He then used his Apple Watch to send a message to his wife who was on the floor, which was eventually sent to the hospital. After Pfait was beheaded on the forehead, Pfau said doctors put him in the ICU for breaking broken bones that had continued to fall. The doctor said he was lucky because he did not have a paralysis because of this.

That being said, Pfau knows he doesn’t like his Apple Watch version. He says he has a number of smart watches, but considering that this will be the second time the Apple Watch has saved his life, he says it “wouldn’t be silly not to wear them”.

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