Aishwarya Rai Bachchan closed the interviewer who responded to his relationship with ‘Khan daan’; This is how it is

Over the years he has been acting, a Bollywood artist Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has graced the major exhibitions and other memorable performances. Only a handful of players remember who enjoyed the popularity and popularity that the Aishwarya did in the late ninites and 2000s. Viewers were captivated by her red beauty, grace, and, moreover, her courage. But apart from these essentials, the Old Miss World is also known for its communication skills, communication skills, and for being able to articulate things in the most difficult situations.

Fans have seen this feature several times in questions and demonstrations, and the same thing happened in 2004, when interviewer Chetan Sharma asked Aishwarya a question that angered the actor, and he backed off a flawed answer. In the last part of the interview, Sharma commented on his relationship with the Khans of Bollywood. He added, “There are also these……… mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu mlandu ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo ndipo Pak Pak Jodhaa Akbar ‘replied, “You guys enjoy this game to continue this, it makes you all happy.”

That’s not all. The interviewer went on to ask Aishwarya about “ modified ” in movies like ‘Mangal Pandey: The Rising’. Aishwarya who looks upset using the word ‘instead’ says things were different and there was a disagreement between him and the manufacturer, then apologized.

Chetan then asks Aishwarya about the ‘new light’ in his life, referring to his pet dog. The actress then claims that her son has been in her life for two years. The interrogator goes on to say, “I believe it, by Vivek Oberoi.” Aishwarya replies sarcastically, “Why not just wait for human history?”

Check out the interviews that the Aishwarya mentioned below:

Earlier today, Bish’s picture of Aishwarya from the shoots of his upcoming video, ‘Ponniyin Selvan‘, began to proliferate on the internet. In this photo, Aishwarya can be seen wearing a white band. The video is supported by Mani Ratnam.

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