Airbnb and other US companies have started helping refugees in Afghanistan | Business and Financial Issues

Airbnb will work with rehabilitation agencies to provide temporary housing for 20,000 Afghan refugees worldwide.

U.S. companies, including Airbnb and Walmart, are providing aid to Afghan people after the US-backed government was taken over by the Taliban.

Home-based airline Airbnb said on Tuesday it would provide temporary accommodation for 20,000 Afghan refugees worldwide.

The project will be funded by Airbnb, their CEO, Brian Chesky, and donations to support their organization, the company said in a blog post.

“We are providing the facility through residential and community-based organizations, which are closely linked to the refugees and are advising their needs to stay longer,” a company spokesman said.

“Even if we only give it for a while [not permanent] we are committed to having these families as long as they are needed. ”

The Taliban overthrew Afghanistan last week when the United States and its allies withdrew troops from the country. The US, along with its allies, is rushing to complete the evacuation of all vulnerable foreigners and Afghans before the end of August 31, which they have agreed with the Taliban.

Last week, worked with its partners to eliminate 165 refugees as soon as they arrived in the US, he said.

U.S. military planes and allies have released 21,600 people from Kabul, Afghanistan, in the 24-hour period since early Monday, a White House official said on Tuesday.

In another example of the companies involved, the US wireless carrier Verizon said Tuesday it plans to reduce phone bills from its customers and customers traveling to Afghanistan, from Wednesday to September 6. Its customers, including callers, will not be charged at that time, a company from Basking Ridge, New Jersey said this.

Walmart, a retailer, said in a recent blog post on Tuesday that it was planning, through its foundation, to donate $ 1m to three non-profit organizations assisting Afghan refugees entering the US, as well as to fighters and their families. These organizations are the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, No One Left Behind with the Remnant Relief Program.

On Sunday, the US called for help from six commercial airlines to help carry people out of Afghanistan while Washington seeks to advance the departure of Americans and vulnerable Afghan people from Kabul.

The Pentagon said on Sunday it had recruited 18 United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and other fighter jets to carry people from short-term flights to Afghanistan, depending on the companies that summoned them at the end of the 2003 Iraq war.

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