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The final quarterfinals of the ‘AGT’ featured some great performances and some smaller performances. A few actions prove to be more worthwhile than finishing them!

Go to UniCircle begins the last section of America Is Intelligent season 16 quarter with their new programs. One of the group falls off his bike in the middle of the game, but wakes up. Howie Mandel cracks jokes about A Simon Cowell fall in appreciation of the group as it progresses. Despite the tragedy, Simon thinks he has a “real breakthrough” in making the seminary.

Anica he is ready to prove to Simon that he can make a living show. He wants to quit his job as a back-up lender. He runs to the “River” through it Bishop Briggs. Heidi Klum Anica is one of her “favorites”. Simon also said the performance was “millions of dollars” more than his first test.

Leah Kyle does during the quarterfinals. (NBC)

‘AGT’ Ma Quarterfinals Performance

Lea Kyle, Heidi’s Golden Buzzer, returns to Eight stage. She shows off most of her clothes A Gwen Stefani “She’s just a girl.” Although Heidi is “proud” of Léa, Simon says he thinks their experiment is better than this. Howie disagrees with Simon on this point.

The Curtis Banja C-Mfundo jam to “Love Train” by A O’Jays. Howie admitted he felt like the project made the band look like a band of 70’s cover band. Simon suggests not to let women in and make the decision to sing next time. “You have to be modern,” he says. In the meantime, Heidi is Sofia vergara It’s all a coincidence.

Keith Apicary’s Simon’s performance presses the first red buzzer at night. Heidi calls Keith a “dynamite,” but Simon does not hide his true identity. “That was awful,” he says. The next is Michael Winslow. He shows a few new words in his recent photo. Sofia calls Michael “a very special man.” Simon is not very fond of. Howie has known Michael for many years and believes he is “very talented.”

The Curtis Banja C-Mfundo
Curtis Family C-Notes reached the final. (NBC)

Brooke Simpson demolishes houses doing the definitions of “Disrupted” and Billie Eilish. He rejoices, even for Simon. “I think this was the best performance so far,” Simon tells Brooke. “I feel your hunger.” A new leader has come out!

Products, a hand exchange from Colombia, makes Sofia proud of her handling. “Looks like we have a competition,” Simon smiled. Mr. Howie tells the three of them that they should go to the next area. Chapkidz it has violent incidents that promote competition. Sofia admitted that it was “unreliable” in the way they all interact. “This section can make or break you. Tonight, it made you, ”Simon replies. He adds, “It’s a wonderful thing over miles.”

Storm Wins Wildcard Vote

The Great Storm then the winner of the wildcard vote. He does a special translation for the “Take Me” author a-ha. It’s a very low type. Sofia thinks Storm is “a very good package,” but this was no better than her first test. Simon tells Storm that he was “very soft” at the time.

The magician Klek Entos but Terry Staff and Sofia to be a part of what she does. From the very beginning, Simon prints a red buzzer. Sofia starts screaming as Klek brings the threat. Afterwards, Simon admitted that it “took a long time” to reach its peak. Howie and Heidi disagree with Simon. Heidi brings those people love to be afraid.

Last night’s action is Terry’s Golden Buzzer: Taekwondo Exhibition Group. Similar to their test, the team brings their A-game. “This is what America’s Got Talent is all about,” Simon says. See you in Vegas. ” Howie adds that this was “the best job ever night”

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