90 Retired Generals And Admirals Call For Resignations Of Defense Sec. Austin And Gen. Milley Over Afghanistan Disaster

Strongly demonstrating the memorandum of understanding Monday, nearly 90 retirees and supervisors written by letter wants Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to step down and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen.

Retired officials argue that it was their job to force Biden to do the right thing or, if he failed to do so, he would resign.

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No Restrictions

Retired flag bearers did not return to their bitter letters demanding Austin and Milley’s resignation.

“If they do not do everything they can to speed up the evacuation, they must resign. On the contrary, if they do everything they can to attract attention [president] in order not to rush out of the country without protecting our citizens and the Afghan people who are loyal to the United States, they would have to give up their job in a show of conscience and public speaking. ”

The letter went on to say, some of the tone sounds like there needs to be a reminder of one of the military’s basic needs, holding those responsible for accounting for their actions, or their need.

“The essence of warfare is to give accountability to those who are held accountable for their actions or actions. It should be accountable to all parties to these grievances and findings. ”

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Old American Impact

Retired flag bearers also pointed out that the long-term effects of the United States’ departure from Afghanistan will not only be a matter of loyalty to US history, but also the future of the region.

“The consequences of this tragedy are significant and will be felt for many years, starting with the safety of Americans and Afghans who cannot move safely to migration; as a result, they are still slaves to the Taliban.”

The officials also spoke of America’s actions with its progressive allies: “The deterioration of US history is unparalleled.

It seems that some of its effects have already grown.

Some of the more Cursing words have come from Great Britain. German officials have expressed outrage at the US failure to negotiate with the union.

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Singing Crucifixion And Quitting Work Has Already Done

Invitation, such as retirees diplomats and ambassadors say, “accountability,” is growing.

On Friday, following the deadly Kabul suicide bombing that killed 13 American soldiers, Ralph Norman (R-SC) and Andy Harris (R-MD) blamed Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The articles show that Blinken has “failed to lead Afghanistan.”

Impeachment notes, “Secretary Blinken has failed to live up to his oath and has instead led to the disregard for our interests, security, and ideology in his pursuit of the American military and its resources in Afghanistan.”

Georgia party wife Marjorie Taylor Greene wasted no time Writing lawsuits against President Joe Biden for efficient and effective use in the removal of Afghanistan.

Greene announced his acquittal last week when he appeared on former White House podcast Steve Bannon. Greene seems to be expressing his anger and frustration at millions of Americans when he said, “I have my own party right now working on fraud. Because I hate Joe Biden. You know I have already written a number of criminal cases. But his failure as president cannot be mentioned.”

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