5 most fast cars in GTA Online

Vehicle sales are not known for running on GTA Online; the fast ones are on the side slowly.

Often, these big cars lose their speed to gain power and durability. Even the fastest cars could not arrive a hundred miles per hour. All in all, their driving style leaves a lot to be desired. It is used mainly for travel and sporting events.

For strange reasons, GTA Internet players may wonder about the fastest-selling car for sale. Vehicle statistics were confirmed by Broughy1322, who tested it on the same game. High speed is not everything, but slower vehicles can make or break GTA Online applications.

Five fastest cars in GTA Online

5) Oppressive Tradition (95.75 mph)

Destructive Event (Photo via Rockstar Games)
Destructive Event (Photo via Rockstar Games)

At only $ 320,530, Pounder Custom is the cheapest “fast” commercial car. It made its appearance in After Hours updates. This motor vehicle is better known for its faults than its safety. Players will need to use a number of modifications to make the most of this commercial vehicle.

As the name implies, it is a very different tradition from that of the ancient counterpart. Thanks to a few add-ons, it works a little better. Although it can fight bullets, it does not really protect against explosions. Great Pounder Custom design and its tools. Players can use anything from miniguns to weapons.

The Oppression Act is best used by the second rider. They can help you use the weapons while the player is driving. Like most GTA Online, teamwork is essential to your success.

4) Phantom Wedge (98.50 mph)

Phantom Wedge (Photo via Rockstar Games) Phantom Wedge (Photo via Rockstar Games)
Phantom Wedge (Photo via Rockstar Games)

Phantom Wedge is one of very strange cars list. It is characterized mainly by a metal ring on the front. Released in Import / Export updates, GTA Online players can purchase for $ 2,553,600.

Even with another type of Phantom car, it works very well. The car is able to push back many enemies in less than a minute. Because of its speed, it can easily reach its top speed. It is a good car to use in the open. Unfortunately, they may not be able to walk properly.

The Phantom Wedge was heavily modified by the Arena War so it was no longer damaged when it hit other vehicles. This was a serious mistake at the time, since the threat was his main motive. It is now one of the most reliable cars in their class.

3) Hauler Ceremony (102.00 mph)

Hauler Ceremony (Photo via Rockstar Games) Hauler Ceremony (Photo via Rockstar Games)
Hauler Ceremony (Photo via Rockstar Games)

At a price starting at $ 1,400,000, players can buy a variety of Hauler. It was first developed through the Gunrunning Pack. I am awareness and his shield.

Unlike most commercial vehicles, this one is very fast and can reach speeds very quickly. The main problem is the lack of energy. GTA Online players need to run with caution. Otherwise, they may get a little overwhelmed. Braking is not all good, either.

Hauler’s preferences are not as strong as other commercial vehicles. Instead, he relies on his heavy weapons to defend himself. Its protective properties allow it to withstand several explosions. Above all, it would not detract from a head-on collision.

2) National Culture (103.50 mph)

Phantom Ceremony (Photo via Rockstar Games) Phantom Ceremony (Photo via Rockstar Games)
Phantom Ceremony (Photo via Rockstar Games)

This variant of Phantom car was released as part of the Gunrunning Pack. GTA Online players can purchase real estate for $ 1,225,000. At first glance, it looks like a half-car. However, it does heavy weapons its success.

In terms of functionality, it is very similar to Hauler Custom. Although there is no steering wheel, it uses its size and strength to hit nearby cars. It can take a lot of damage from explosive weapons. Regardless, players must fight all the time. They are able to use throwing tools because of the open windows.

Due to the inefficiency of the brakes, GTA Online players need to be careful to disembark. They could lose their privilege if they were not careful. It is best to avoid rocky places.

1) Apocalypse Cerberus (106.25 mph)

Changes in the Battle of the Arena trigger the MTL Apocalypse Cerberus. This eight-wheeled car is expensive because it costs $ 3,870,300. The brand-new oil tanker does not anticipate the increase in traffic because it can push more and more cars easily.

106.5 mph is as fast as possible. Zake driving a car suffers from poor driving and slow walking. However, they do come with a variety of possibilities. GTA Online players can customize it with updates. This includes strength training and side jumps.

Cerberus is able to install a variety of weapons such as fire extinguishers and nearby mines. Its main purpose is car combat, not unlike Metal curves. There is no need to use him beyond that. With a few paint jobs, it will show itself at GTA Online.

Note: This article reflects the views of the author.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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